Chilean Seabass 24.00

Miso sauce baked sea bass served with salad and rice

Shit-ake happens 22.00

Rib-eye steak served with wasabi crusted mashed potato and sautéed shitake mushrooms, broccoli and oninons

Japanese Steak Teriyaki 21.95

Teritaki rib eye steak served with salad and rice

BBQ Short Rib 21.95

Marinated short rib served with salad and rice

Salmon Teriyaki 19.00

Salmon teriyaki served and salad and rice

Sizzling Spicy Seafood Udon Pasta 17.95

Chicken Teriyaki (Reg/ White) 15.00 / 17.00

Chicken teriyaki served with salad and rice

Cutlet (chicken / Pork) 13.50 / 14.50

UDON  10.50 / 11.95 /13.95

Wakame / Tempura / Seafood / Asian Seafood

CURRY (REGULAR/SPICY) 10.95 / 11.50 / 12.50 / 12.95

Vegetable / Chicken / Beef / Seafood

Chilean Seabass

Japanese Steak Teriyaki

Shit-ake Happens


Dan Combo

Each item cannot be duplicated for combination. No Substitution.

Choice of Three 19.95

Includes salad or miso soup (extra 1.00 for rice)

Chicken Teriyaki                                
Beef Teriyaki                                                          
Salmon Teriyaki                                         
BBQ Short Rib                                    
Chicken Cutlet                                         
Black Cod                                                             
Mix Tempura(s)  
Rock Shrimp
Crunch Soicy Tuna
Chicken Wings
Salmon Collar(1pc)
Wakame Udon
California or Spicy Tuna